Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Need a Change

I've been stuck in a rut for a while. I've found myself getting more and more ornery and grumpy with my family and it's not fair to them. Saturday I had a complete break-down and lost my mind....and my poor children were there for it. Afterward, I felt HORRIBLE! I'd said things I didn't mean to say, and did things that I vowed I'd NEVER do (Cameron got the spanking of a lifetime....*blush*) I don't EVER want to lose it that bad, ever EVER again.
I need to do things that I don't normally do.
SO, I've made a few goals...
First off, I'm making the boys breakfast. I need to make sure that they're well-fed and happy in the mornings, that SHOULD help the day run smoother.
Secondly, I need to apologize to my boys for the upset that I've will be hard, but I HAVE to do it.
Third, I'm going to make up my mind to be happier and more calm with my rowdy boys. It's the least they deserve.
Wish me luck.
Jake's also been a bit under the weather lately, it's not fun, and he's just a miserable little poop. :( He fell asleep on Steve Saturday night, just burning up with a fever, but INSISTING on having his "bankie!"
Right now, he's up in my bed, cooling off with daddy....I should go and figure something out for the poor guy. Again, wish me luck!

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