Friday, July 02, 2010

My Favorite Holiday is Here, Yet Again

The older I get, the faster time flies, and the sooner it seems that I celebrate Independence Day.
The other day, we were driving around town, looking at the fireworks stands and the many reminders of the celebrations to come. Cameron asked me, "Mom, why is the 4th of July your favorite holiday?"
I took that precious teaching moment to let him know what it's really about. I simplified the history QUITE a bit, but I shared with him the story of our country's humble beginning as a colony of England and the need for freedom, the ensuing war and touching on the lives that have been given so that we can enjoy our freedoms.
Tears began running down my cheek...we owe SO much to those men who gave their lives so that we can enjoy ours. I am truly grateful, and will ALWAYS love this holiday and the things that it brings to my mind.
Happy Independence Day, one and all!

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