Thursday, April 22, 2010

Smart Boy

Sometimes I think that Jake is too smart for his own good.
Like the other day, we were eating breakfast for dinner. Jake was just picking at his dinner (like he normally does) and I tried to encourage him to eat more. I said, "Jake, eat your breakfast!"
The little kid looked at his plate, then he looked around and asked, "Where's breakfast!?"
Out of sight, out of mind? Nope, just a smartie who knows deniablity is his best option.
By the way....if anyone has any helpful hints on getting a rebellious 2 year old to eat dinner WHEN it's dinner time and not snacking later on, I am up for hints. The kid thinks that he can just pick at his food, throw the plate, food, fork, and cup when he's "finished" and then eat whatever he wants after the fact. I'm SO done with that, and had to enforce "if-you-don't-eat-your-dinner-at-dinner-time-then-treats-are-NOT-an-option-for-you."
He also knows when I tell him something.
He was bouncing a basketball off of the neighbor's wall. It was bothering ME, so I figured it might bother the neighbor. I told him to stop. He laughed at me and continued doing it. I then said, "Jacob! IF you don't stop bouncing the ball it will go bye-bye." He tried again and he lost the ball.
I'm fairly certain that first thing in the morning he'll walk to where I put the ball and ask for it.
He knows that Cameron has scouts, and asks when "Jacob have scouts?"
Tonight during the flag ceremony at pack meeting at the request for "hand salute," my sweet Jake put his hand up above his eye. (It was more of him pointing to his eyebrow than a salute, but it was still SUPER cute!)

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