Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Personal?? We'll See...

I know I haven't been keeping a very personal blog lately, but I have loved the things I've been sharing. :)
Let's see, how about a quick update on everyone....yeah, that sounds good.
Steve: He has a choir concert this weekend. He's been singing with this choir because it was my way of giving-in to his performance needs. He's now talking about trying out for a play this fall, and I'm not so happy about it. I quite enjoy having him around and the boys love it too. When he does plays he has practice 5 nights a week and it feels like we NEVER see him. We'll see how I feel later on.
Me: I've been feeling extremely run-down and tired lately. I find that if I sit in ONE spot for more than 10 minutes, I fall asleep. The funny thing is, it's just one spot in the whole house, I sit somewhere else and I'm fine. I think I have a narcoleptic seat.
I've also chopped my hair off. I was feeling extremely emotional last week, and I was READY for a haircut. That should have been my clue. It's QUITE short, I haven't had it this short in a long time, but I'm slowly getting used to it. On a day when I get all cutsied up, I will try to take a picture.
I've been having all sorts of wonderful mini-Spiritual moments lately. I've found that when I'm upset or frustrated that listening to a CD that Steve got me for my birthday lifts my spirits. I have a new favorite song right now, it's SO wonderful, it's called Live Like You Believe. I feel like it speaks directly to me and ALWAYS lifts up my soul! Here's a link to the song, don't blame me if you cry...
Cameron: We had his annual IEP meeting and I did NOT cry. His teacher kept telling me how he enjoys Cameron and the boy he is. It was a proud mommy moment.
He's also doing very well playing basketball. We haven't got him signed up with any teams or anything (although I KNOW he would love that). He plays outside at my mom's house quite a bit and can make a basket in a 10 foot high hoop! He is getting better and better! He's also starting to out-grow his poor little first bike. Today he pulled out all ads that had bikes in them, I think he's hinting!
He has also started to behave VERY well. He's doing it because he wants me to shave his head again. The boy wants another mohawk. I told him that the only requirement would be good behavior. Maybe tomorrow I'll give him the mohawk.
Jake: This little boy is certainly going to keep me busy. He is talking a LOT. Tonight, we had breakfast for dinner, and we were *trying* to encourage him to eat. I said, "Jake, eat your breakfast!" He then asked, "Where's breakfast!?" Silly boy!
He also LOVES to be outside, he just lives for it. He will ride in his little truck and play basketball with his big brother. He dribbles the ball QUITE well for someone SO little.
Yesterday when we were at my mom's house, he got ahold of the water hose. He LOVED playing in the water. He watered EVERYTHING within an inch of it's life. If you were outside and within water distance, it was likely he'd gotten you wet. After an hour or so, he came inside, sopping wet. He had ONE dry spot in the middle of his back, but the rest of him was wet. I changed his clothes, and tried to warm him up, but he did NOT want to sit still. So I set him free. At my mom's house there is a water dispenser on the fridge. The kid found that and soaked his newly dried body!! I was livid, but laughing at the same time. Everyone else who was there had to leave the room so they could laugh.
This kid is our entertainment, and we're SO glad we have him.
Life continues to move at a rapid pace, and we're trying to keep up. I have had spring fever SO badly lately, and with the weather the way it's been I've even wanted to go camping. I'm so glad that season is coming soon!

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Jewelle said...

I enjoyed reading what all you guys have been up too. I like your other posts too. They always give me something new to think about. I can't remember if I told you this or not but I started looking at the FLYing website you suggested. I'm loving it! Not quite 100% committed to it yet, but has given me the motivation I need to clean and unpack. Thanks for the recommendation :D