Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's NOT So Easy....

....to cuddle a stubborn, angry, tired, in-pain baby.
Jake had dental surgery today. It went well, until he was taken back to the room (cried LOUDLY for "mama!!" Apparently, it made the nurses and other doctors smile.) and again when he was waking up from anesthesia. Thankfully, the nurse who was caring for him post-surgery was a wonderful woman who used to be in my ward. We chatted a bit, then she left me to snuggle and try to give my whiny boy a drink.
He would have NONE of it.
He would begin to nurse (wouldn't YOU love to have something familiar when YOU'RE in pain?) and get frustrated because he couldn't use his mouth the way he wanted. He would get very little accomplished before he was in full-blown tantrum mode. He pinched my arm, hit me in the face, screamed, tried falling OFF my lap, biting....you name it.
Eventually we had to give the boy some painkillers, and a few minutes later he was a happier camper, nowhere near where he USUALLY is, but happier.
Tonight he whined for mama, but has finally settled down. For all that crying and pain he has 4 beautiful caps on his front teeth. (His top 4 teeth were SO decayed, that the enamel was flaking off, the dentist told me...I SWEAR, his teeth came out of his head that way, you could ALWAYS see the line of decay.) Now he eats cold and hot foods without making faces. YAY for good dental work. :)


Jewelle said...

Poor jake! I never knew that teeth could come in that way. At least they are fixed, and hopefully his permanent teeth will be better. Oh and congrats on nursing still! That is a great accomplishment!

Rebekah said...

Poor baby boy! how frustrating would it be to not be able to suckle and be comforted by the person whom you love most- mama. Bless you for being there for him. What a relief that he can eat normally now.