Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Just SO Easy...

...to tease Cameron.
Today school pictures were sent home. I had Jake's sent to Cameron's class so I wouldn't have to make a special trip to pick them up (even though I was AT the school). I was waiting at the office for Cameron to meet me (Tuesdays are therapy days...I pick him up early EVERY Tuesday, I've become quite adept at checking the kid out of school, I know the secretaries pretty well...) One of the aides in his class recognized me and let the teacher know I was there. Another aide, who I LOVE dearly...a kindred spirit....brought Cameron to me. She was carrying the picture packets in her hands, proudly showing off the pictures and saying VERY loudly to anyone passing by, "This is my little brother, Jacob. Isn't he just CUTE!?"
Cameron kept saying, "NO, he's MY brother..."
Eventually he figured out she was teasing him, but the pictures turned out WAY cute!! <3

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Rebekah said...

**chuckle** How adorable. Post, post! I want to see those new photos!