Monday, October 19, 2009

VIP Soccer

For a while I've seen papers come home from Cam's school advertising that there is a division of YMCA that is called VIP. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere NEAR coordinated enough to teach this kind of thing, so I could NEVER be a coach, even if I DID have time. VIP is a special league that is set up specifically for kids with special needs. About a month ago, we got a flyer that said they were actually PUTTING IT TOGETHER IN OUR AREA!!! (Can you hear the choirs of angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus?)
Tonight was their first "game." Instead of doing hard-core practicing, they teach these kids the basics at a "game." (A glorified practice, maybe...) Tonight they kicked the balls around, dribbled them a bit, passed them with a more experienced soccer player, and then "played" with the goals. Cameron did pretty well. He has a LOT of power behind his kicks, and had to chase after the ball a lot. BUT at the end, he was the goalie and did a GREAT job with saves.
He was SO proud of himself, and rightfully so. I think they're working their way up to an actual game, but if all they do is practice, I'm okay with it, because Cameron is SO happy and excited for it.
The most amazing part of the practice for me was the help. The coaches and their assistants had SUCH patience. The assistants were the ones that REALLY amazed me, mainly because they were 11 or 12. They weren't much older than the kids playing, but they were so attentive and patient with these kids. They encouraged them, and made them feel like they were each a super star! How wonderful for these kids, both the ones in need and the ones helping.
Here's a few pictures, it was a fun night.
The group practicing...Cameron is blue #5.
Watching the game, we made up our own cheering section.
Dribble, dribble...
Save that GOAL!!!
Proud soccer player!


Jewelle said...

That is really great that they have a extension(?) locally. More programs like this need to exist.

stevie kay said...

How wonderful for you and Cam! I think this is a great way for him to build a little confidence and hopefully a little coordination that he wouldn't have otherwise. And how impressive about the assisstants.