Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cameron

Nine years ago, I was hooked up to a bunch of machinery in the hospital. I was *trying* to sleep, but lots of machines were making a lot of noise. I was given a shot of morphine to help me relax (BLESSED medication...) and I drifted.
After hours and hours of being on Cervadil, I was given Pitocin. The medicine was going full-blast, and there was nothing. Eventually, the doctor decided that if I relaxed, things would move along.
Oh, how wrong we were.
I was given the epidural and they lost Cameron's heartbeat, and my blood pressure dropped to DANGEROUS levels. The bed was flipped upside-down, and I was prepped for an emergency C-section. People were coming in and out of the room, except Steve, who was told to stay out.
The main thing I remember was lights. The lights on the ceiling, and how round and bright they were.
After rushing to the operating room, getting Cam's heart rate back, and calming down, I was draped and cut open.
My mom gave me a play-by-play of what was going on.
There was no squawk, no cries of protest, NOTHING. Not even the doctor saying, "It's a boy..." All I got was a quick blurb from my mom saying, "There's your little boy."
He was rushed to the NICU where he was hooked up to lots of machines, given x-rays, and tested for everything.
When I was finally able to hold him, I was told I couldn't nurse him because they weren't sure he had his kidneys. (Um, yeah, I was completely SHOCKED!)
It was a rough week in the NICU. I came to LOATHE the hospital, and the pitying looks I got from the nurses.
Eventually, after much prayer and blessings, Cameron was healthy enough to come home. I was so happy.
Nine years later, we have a lot that we've been through. Multiple tests, several diagnoses, and many tears, both happy and sad.
It's been quite a ride. I love you, baby boy, and yes, you will ALWAYS be my baby boy. You were my first, and I will love you forever!
Happy birthday, Cameron!


Elena said...

Wow, how come I've never heard his birth story before? That was quite the ride! Happy Birthday to Cameron, hope its a GREAT day!

Jewelle said...

Goodness! I never knew that Cameron's problems had started at birth. He must be a huge blessing to you! Happy B-Day Cameron!

cressfamily said...

Wow the hearing the whole storoy again still makes me cry. Tell hime Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a good one.

Mattsmom said...

Happy birthday to Cam.

Rebekah said...

Boy, you knoaw how to make a mom. cry! My goodness, this took me back to when my baby was sick.

I can only imagine how terrifying it would to have all that happen with your first, not being able to hold him immediately after he was born. Bless your heart.

And a big Happy Birthday to the little boy who made you a mommy. <3

The Grant Family said...

WOW! You have been though a lot! I never knew how much trouble you had when giving birth to him. I am glad that he turned out healthy and that you were able to take him home. Tell him happy birthday!