Monday, October 05, 2009

Birthday Pictures

Cameron got a cool scooter from grandma, and a video game from mom and dad. He LOVED the scooter, even riding it in the COLD weather. The snot was a'runnin'!
Here's his birthday cake. No, I didn't forget to put frosting in that corner. You want to hear the whole story?? SURE you do!! :)
Two weeks ago, I bought frosting to make his cake look like a big Spongebob. I was going to use chocolate frosting for his pants, and color the white frosting to make the rest of his body. A few days after buying the frosting I noticed it was opened and eaten. I KNOW that Steve didn't do it, and we KNOW Jake can't open the frosting cans by himself that leaves Cameron.
I told him that if he didn't leave the frosting alone that I wouldn't have any frosting for his cake. I INFORMED him that if he ate the frosting again, I wouldn't frost the cake.
This morning I woke up to find that Cam's face was COVERED with chocolate frosting. I was FURIOUS! I never thought I'd have to follow THROUGH on my threat!!
So, I frosted the rest of the cake for the rest of us (who says we have to suffer because HE'S a pig?) and left his piece a blank spot.
Everyone asked, so I got to tell this story over and over....
When I finally got around to dishing up the cake, and he noticed that I really wasn't going to give him a frosted piece, he threw a FIT!!
I think he won't be doing that again! At least, I HOPE he won't.


Deanna said...

BWAHHHH! THat's a GREAT story...poor birthday boy...Way to go, mama!

Jewelle said...

That is awesome! I don't know if I would have been brave enough to follow through if Lily had done that. I need to take some lessons from you ;)

The Cook Clan said...

Oh what a fun day!

cressfamily said...

Good for you, I'm sure it was hard but he did learn a lesson maybe he'll remember the next time.