Friday, October 02, 2009

Free Entertainment

School has been out since yesterday, and Cam was beginning to get "bored." Thankfully, the city workers (who have been tearing up our alley where we have our garage) have been working with their big trucks and back-hoes. He's been in HEAVEN watching them all day. I don't think I've heard him say ONCE today that he was "bored."
He even got Jake to watch with him.
It was a VERY good day! :)


cressfamily said...

Love that. Good Quiet days are rare with little ones. My Jake would have been in heaven too. He loves his vrooms.

Jewelle said...

Big tractors digging in dirt. What more could two little boys want?! At least they found something to entertain them.

Kim said...

That's great! Jon was the same way at Cameron's age. It was so nice to see the boys at Sareena's reception. They are both getting so big. Cam is an awesome big brother! :)