Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lessons Learned Tonight

DO NOT spend good money to see the Knowing. SERIOUSLY, it's STUPID!!
Do NOT get scared by stupid movie, only to realize later that it was NOT going anywhere!
Do NOT grill ANY food on a barbecue IN your freakin' garage. (This is for my STUPID neighbors!!)
When you see smoke there is NOT always a fire. (It could have been out for HOURS!)
When confronting stupid neighbors, make sure they speak English, and understand that you're UPSET! (MORONS!)
Make sure that your Land Lord can do something about it.
Smoke will last for hours and hours....making breathing difficult.
Sometimes venting to neighbors helps, but sometimes it just fuels your anger.
One more lesson, I should get a colonoscopy before I turn 30...but my week is filled! :P

1 comment:

Elena said...

Sorry you're having neighbor woes. That is the worst. And even more sorry, I like Knowing. Don't hate me! Weird show for sure. But I like weird.