Monday, April 20, 2009


Jake is still cruising around furniture, walls, doors, whatever is sturdy and he can pull himself up to. He's standing by himself for a few seconds at a time, but is too chicken to stand for any longer on his own.
He's also fast. Did you ever see the Tom and Jerry cartoon with the baby? How fast that baby crawls?? That's Jake, only he's a lot bigger, and wears more clothes. He thinks its funny to get our attention and then turn and crawl away as fast as he can. I feel like I chase this little boy EVERYWHERE! I let him down for a minute at church yesterday and he got stomped on 3 the same guy! *giggle* It was kinda funny, but the poor man felt bad. It really wasn't HIS fault, it was Jake getting under-foot.
Jake's also saying funny things that kind of sound like words. Yesterday Cameron and Steve were trying to fly a kite. The wind would pick it up and it would START to fly, and Jake just got SO excited. He waved his arms and kicked his legs...and made a noise that sounded like "GO! GO! GO!!!" Then the wind blew it toward us (sitting on the porch) and he made a noise that sounded like "CRAP!" My mom, who was holding him at the time, laughed SO hard.
He now has 9 teeth. His molar FINALLY popped out last week. He's been cutting those for several MONTHS. YAY! But he's still getting some more teeth, and is constantly drooling.
Jake is also NO longer using a all. He has naptime anxiety, but for the most part doesn't miss the thing at all. YAY!
He's a fun boy, and I'm definitely getting my exercise chasing this little boy around.
Cameron is doing VERY well on his medications. We've got him on Ritalin LA (a long lasting kind that he only has to take in the morning...) and a regular Ritalin. He's still a little grumpy, but not anywhere NEAR as ornery as he was when we had him on Vyvanse. I hope that we've found his correct dosage, and that he will continue to blossom.
I went through his school papers today, and he did TWO spelling tests last week...he only misspelled ONE word!! A year ago, he could barely read 20 words, and now he's spelling words! I'm SO happy, and pleased that he's starting to "get it!"
Cameron is also carrying on full conversations with us now. Before he was on his meds he would say little phrases here and there, and usually they were pretty disjointed and made you wonder what he was trying to say. But now, he'll talk to me, and if he gets off topic, he can find a way BACK to the original topic. :)
Cameron is also eating SO much more. Before the meds he would pick at food, unless it was some of his favorites, and would only eat if he was FORCED to. I never thought anyone could be so ANTI-food. But he was. Now he will sit down to dinner, and eat a full meal (of course he DOES have days when he doesn't want to, but we all do...) and he's so proud of himself.
Yesterday we were playing with my younger brother's Nintendo DSI (the new version of a DS, with a camera attachment...) and there was a program where you could compare two faces to see if there was any resemblance. I got a picture with Cam, and it said there was NO way we were related. (I KNOW he's mine though, I DID carry the boy, miserably sick, for nine months.) We tried to see if Jake and I were related, but the camera couldn't pick up our faces. BUT it said that Steve and Cameron are definitely related. Guess what we've always suspected is true, Cam is ALL his daddy's boy!
Both boys love to make each other laugh, which is SO much fun for me to hear. But they also love to push the other's buttons. Jake knows that Cam doesn't like to share his trucks, but he thinks it's funny to pull them out, make sure Cam sees him playing and then crawl away with the toy as fast as he can...all the while Cameron is yelling or crying. Cam likes to throw blankets, washcloths or whatever over Jake's face until he cries. For the first few times Jake will laugh, but then it gets old, and Cam just won't stop.
I am so happy that my boys are doing well, and that for the most part, we're happy and healthy!


Brittney Deanne said...

I am so happy to hear your boys are doing so well!! Sounds like Cam is making amazing progress. YEAH!

Rebekah said...

Meds can truly be a blessing when you find the right ones. Praise modern medicine! It makes me thrilled to read how well your beautiful little family is doing. Love you!