Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Feeling the Love

I should whine more often! ;) (Either that, or tell more embarrassing stories about myself!)
Within the last few days things have gotten pretty crazy around our house. Jake has discovered that if he is on his belly, he can maneuver around. He's still not "crawling," but he's SO close. He's doing the wounded-army-man-crawl, (which is the ONLY way Cam crawled until after he was 1 year old.) and we're sure he'll start crawling the correct way soon. (He's tried it a *few* times, and is SO close!)
With this new discovery, he's also found that he can yank things off of shelves, tables and open cupboards. Yes, he's a FUN boy! I really should child-proof my house! :P
He also has 7 teeth and is working on 10. His surprise seventh tooth came out on Christmas day. SHOCK of SHOCKS!! The kid didn't fuss at ALL. I am SO lucky that I have such a mellow, well-behaved baby!
Over Christmas break we even worked on getting the boy to fall asleep by himself in his crib. No more getting him to sleep, and then putting him to bed...he will soothe himself to sleep in the crib. We had a few crazy nights, Cameron BEGGED me to take Jake away, but I kept with it, and now he will really and truly sleep ON HIS OWN!! YAY!
On top of these excitements, he's also a very verbal child. I will wake up with him calling out (not really loudly, but enough) "" Our little talker. I have a feeling once he learns how to talk completely, we won't get the kid to shut up.
Cameron is also doing SUPER well. I am SO happy that we've got him on ADHD meds. I tried one day during the Christmas break not giving the boy his meds to see if I noticed a was HUGE! I played Sorry with him and kept repeating the directions over and over and over and over....he just didn't get it. The very next day, med taken, he played and REMEMBERED the directions. He still has some issues, but they're minor compared to the huge leaps he's made. He will sit still long enough to color a coloring book page. He NEVER colored before the meds, he always scribbled, I think it was so he could be done faster and do something else. But now, he will color page after page in coloring books...and it looks SO nice! I'm so happy with his progress!! SO happy!!
Like I mentioned earlier this week, things aren't easy, but they're moving along and we're doing well! YAY!! :)


Kim said...

So glad to hear that both boys are doing so well! I'm so proud of Cam's growth, I hope he continues to do well on his meds. I know that when some of my kiddos go without theirs they can be totally different kids to work with. I can't believe that Jake is going to be crawling soon-he's growing up way too fast!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the meds are helping Cameron. That is wonderful. I remember when my little bro started meds it was like my mom traded him in for a different kid :) And yay for crawling!! Oh and Jake sleeping on his own---what great things going on at your house.

Elena said...

Love that little army man crawl. Alyssa was my one to do that. And I'm so glad the meds are working for Cameron. Hooray!! (For you and him.)

Mattsmom said...

WOW! IT sounds like Cam is one kid who can REALLY benefit from those meds.

Jake is getting SO big. Wasn't he just born a few weeks ago? Crawling? Mobile? Crazy!

I have found that I have to whine a few times a year to re-jump start the comments again.