Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fever? Just A Little One

Yesterday Little Jake woke up feeling a bit warmer than he usually does. I grabbed my trusty thermometer and took his temperature. (Now, I HATE checking him rectally, and I'm not about to try it orally, so I take temperatures in the kids armpits....yeah, not REAL accurate, but it works!) The thermometer told me that his temperature was PERFECT. 98.6
A few hours later, the kid was acting like he wanted to sleep and started feeling warm again. I checked and this time he was at 100.9. I began to worry. The first person I called was my mom. (She's the one I usually go to for advice anyway....) She told me that a temperature of 100 was okay, but if it got to 104 to take him to the doctor. She also made the disclaimer that it had been a while since she had kids and to double-check with the pediatrician's office.
As soon as I hung up with her I did check with Jake's doctor's office....just in case. They confirmed what my mom had said and added that if he had a fever for 3 days they should check him out as well.
All day I kept the kid undressed (just wearing a onsie) and gnawing on a cold washcloth. At one point he got SO cold that I had to do some of the opposite to get him warm.
Eventually, I had medicated the boy and thought all was well.
Today he woke up super warm. Last night I'd worried about covering him up with blankets, so I just put him to sleep in his blanket sleeper and on TOP of his blankets. His temperature was again 100.9. I took the boy, stripped him down and gave him a cool bath. After giving him a dose of Tylenol, I took his temperature again. This time it went down to 99.1.
I let him play in his onsie all morning, and eventually began to go stir crazy. (My crazy neighbors were blasting mariachi music and leaving their car running IN the garage....filling my apartment with exhaust. Um....I love my neighbors....I love my neighbors.....I love my neighbors....) So I dressed the boy, had Cam get ready and we left.
Now I sit at my parents' house, Jake is still wanting to just sleep his icky-ness away (a trait that comes from my side of the family) and is getting warm again.
I hope this ends soon! Poor boy.
I guess I'm really lucky though, he hasn't really fussed too much. Mainly, he wants to be held and snuggled (not really typical of him) and wants to sleep. He doesn't cry, just moans every once in a while.


cressfamily said...

so sorry to hear that your jake isn't felling well. Hope he gets better soon

Amy said...

I'm sorry. Hope he feels better soon. Do you think he's teething?

Mattsmom said...

Poor kid.

At least he has not had a high fever...but still no fun. I like it when you go to your mom's get online there!

Rachelle said...

I hate it when babies are sick. It's the worst!