Monday, July 25, 2011

A Visit to the Surgeon

I got the call this morning that I was to see the surgeon at 2:15 this afternoon. No problem....wait, a small problem....I am on strong pain meds, I'm NOT supposed to drive.....
I ended up staying off the meds, so I could drive myself, since I didn't have help today.
After dropping the boys off with my mom, I went to the office. I sat in the waiting room and filled out 5 pages of medical history. Then I sat and read through a full issue of People. I even read many stories all the way through.
An hour after I arrived (45 minutes past my initial appointment time) I was taken back and my vitals were taken. Then I was shown to a large examination room. I sat in there and waited by myself and WITHOUT reading materials for another 15-20 minutes.
The surgeon finally came in and asked me about what had been going on. I gave him a condensed version, and then he asked me to change into their paper shirt to be checked.
I waited another 3 minutes before he came back.
When he returned he was on his cell phone with another doctor discussing a man's treatment. He was talking about chemo and surgery and removing his colon.....all the while he was pulling out a long strip of packing that was inside of me, and causing me to call out in pain. (What I really wanted to do was scream loudly and interrupt his phone I NOT important??)
Then he finished his call and told me that he wants the wound to heal and then he'll come up with a plan of action. See how much of the tissue is affected and where to go once we know more. He recommended that I not wear a bra for the next 2 weeks while it, no...thank you.
Then he bandaged me up (hello, I'm allergic to tapes and adhesives....oh, well, I'll just take it off as soon as I can....) and told me he'd see me in 2 weeks.
Yup, that's it. I spent a good chunk of my afternoon waiting for this man to tell me to hurry up and wait. *eye roll* Thanks for your PROFESSIONAL opinion.


Jewelle said...

That stinks Dawnyel! I hate when doctors don't give you their full attention. Please keep us updated, I'm worried about you : (

Deanna said...

I would be outraged!!!! I'm so sorry!!! CALL ME next time you need help!!! I'm serious, LADY!!!

Elena said...

So what exactly is wrong? I didn't know "cysts" oozed and pussed. Strange. I'm sorry you're having such a run around right now. Doesn't sound fun at all. Here's to a fast healing!

Dawnyel said...

Elena, I had an infection that I thought was a cyst. Right now it's been lanced and it's draining. It's still painful and very ugly, but it's healing well. :)

Kim said...

It's been my experience in the last few months that most of the doctors in IF are like this. What a douchebag! Hope it heals quickly and everything turns out well for you!