Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"I Stung"

While we were waiting for my cousin's wedding to start on Saturday, a rather large bee (or hornet, I'm not quite sure what it was) was flying around my mom. I pointed it out, and immediately Cameron began freaking out. We told him that as long as he was calm and ignored the bee that he would be fine. He slowly watched it circle around us, as it was looking for a place to land.
Eventually, it landed on Jake's cheek, right below his eye. I watched in slow-motion, as Jake reached up and grabbed the bee. He quickly (still in slow-motion though) pulled his hand back and stuck his fingers in his mouth. He'd been stung.
He didn't cry, he didn't fuss, he just held out his finger for my inspection. I saw that the WHOLE stinger had been left behind, and I quickly pulled it out. His finger went right back to his mouth where he quietly sucked on it.
I picked him up and just for the briefest second, he looked like he was about to cry, but he changed his mind.
He didn't even talk about it, until this morning.
He was drawing scribbles on his magnadoodle, and pointed out the things he was "drawing." On one such "drawing," he said, "Mom, I stung." Then he pointed to the picture. There was no crying about it, just the simple statement, "Mom, I stung."
How did I end up with SUCH a tough kid?

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Rebekah said...

Oh geez! What a brave kid!! I mean, seriously? I don't know a single child who wouldn't've freaked out. I would've! I would cry myself!

It reminds me of when we went out to the beach for The 4th holiday in 2008 when Dan came to visit, a bee flew into his car and it was going to land on me and sting me, you could tell. I was extremely preggie and Dan wasn't going to let it takes out its rath on me. He grabbed it off my already swollen knee as it was about to lay pray to its horrible plot. It stung his hand and left a HUGE stinger behind and Daniel just sat there looking at it for about 12 seconds studying it. He just said, "Whoa. You can see it pulsating..." Then he yelped a big man yelp. LOL I tried hard not to laugh. Then he ripped out the stinger and grumbled to himself about how he shouldn't've waited. I thanked him. My hero! XD