Friday, June 04, 2010


Jewelle said...
What is the funniest thing the boys have done this week?
Jake's is easy to remember....I might have to come back when I think of Cam's.
On Tuesday night, we were at my parents' house. It was my mom's birthday, and I had bought her some obnoxious things: a funny card (she said it wasn't as funny as I thought though), a cake, and a balloon. The balloon was a hit....for Jake. He would NOT leave the thing alone.
After playing with it for a while, he found a water balloon, uninflated. He took it to my dad and asked him to blow it up. My dad began blowing it up.
Now, imagine if you can: Jake, standing next to my dad's recliner, watching intently while another balloon is inflated. My dad, turning a little purple in the face, because, well, water balloons aren't MEANT to be blown up. And finally, my dad's black Pomeranian, LuLu...innocently lying in his lap.
Suddenly, the balloon popped. LuLu took off, running. Jake jumped backward....and my dad started laughing. My younger brother began chasing the dog, trying to comfort her, and Jake was in AWE of the loud noise.
At this point, the rest of us are busting a gut because LuLu's reaction was SO funny. Soon, Jake begins throwing blankets around, swinging his head back and forth....HE'S LOOKING FOR THE BALLOON!! Oh, my gosh! We are laughing even HARDER now....
Oh, it was SO funny! Jake never DID find the balloon.

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