Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Love Story, Part 14

(Don't worry, there isn't too much more to our story...)
At the end of July, my grandma was not doing well, and I decided that I needed to change my wedding date. I sat down with Steve to pick a new date. We had picked October originally, so that would work, right? We picked the 9th and then called the Temple to change dates.
My mom and grandma would work together on making my wedding flowers. My grandma had a talent for flower arranging, and I love the fact that she helped with my flowers. My grandma would lay on my parents' couch and wrap the flowers in floral tape and tell us how SHE would do the flowers if she could. I can still picture her in my mind in her frail physical body, but her strong, quick mind telling us what to do.
When the original wedding date came and went, I thought to myself that I could have been married and living with Steve, but I knew that I wanted my grandma to attend, and I also knew that couldn't happen in her current state.
August 24-25, 1999:
My grandma was dying, and we all knew it. She'd been in a coma for a while, and my dad had gotten a call to go help assist my grandpa in giving her a blessing of release. I wanted to go with my parents and Steve came along as well. My grandpa, dad and Steve gave my grandma a very sweet blessing, and then we sat around with all of my aunts and uncles laughing and telling stories about their growing up years. I sat close to Steve, grateful that I had someone to help support me at this sad time.
Around midnight, we all said our good byes (I kissed my grandma and squeezed her hand telling her I loved her) and then we went home. A few hours later we got the call that she had died. I went back with my parents, alone this time. We made plans for the funeral, and I remember my grandpa asking me if my "sweetheart" would be willing to be a pallbearer. I felt safe in saying that he would.
Then came the next week.
It was a blur, but I wasn't as sad as I could have been, I was being supported by my knowledge that I would be with my grandma again, and I had my rock with me. Steve.
My only sadness was that my grandma wouldn't physically be there for my wedding....

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