Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Love Story, Part 15

Wedding plans went along well. My dad was working hard to finish up some parts of our new house. I wanted to have my wedding reception in the house, and he wasn't close to being done. There were doors to hang, ceilings to finish, and just a lot of work left to do.
My mom was making my wedding dress, and when she was finished, she showed me. I LOVED it. Then my mom showed her mom the dress. My grandma was a sewer. She sewed things for me all the time, and she wasn't pleased with my choices in this dress. She took me to a craft store, asked my opinion on a few things and then took my dress to "fix" it. She added embellishments to the neckline and then pronounced it "done." I never told her, but I was fine without the extra embellishments, and didn't really *like* what she'd done to it.
About a month before my wedding was my cousin's wedding. I went to her luncheon and reception and instantly started to get really excited. I was going to be doing all the same fun things in the next little while. THIS WOULD BE ME!
The night before our wedding, I took out my endowments and felt such a sweet spirit in the temple. I was most excited for the next day though. Glimpsing Steve across the room was the highlight of the session. The hug in the celestial room wasn't too bad either.


H A L to the G's Ma said...

I am so loving this story! I check everyday and get so excited to see you posted more story! Keep it up, this is such a sweet storybook story! You guys are so cute with each other. Thank you!

Dawnyel said...

There's only 2 more I think it will be finished as of tomorrow. :)