Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Love Story, Part 13

Keeping our engagement a secret didn't last very long. I ended up telling my parents the next Monday. Mom was shocked, and asked if I had prayed about it, I assured her I had. My dad just grinned and acted pretty happy.
That Tuesday, I met up with Steve and we picked out a ring. I was pleased with it, but it wasn't the ring I was in love with. I have to admit, I'm glad I got the ring I did, it's pretty, and I always remember that time with Steve at the ring store.
That next weekend we went camping with my parents. It was rainy and cold. Steve didn't think ahead and ended up bringing only sandals. (He had a soggy feet that weekend.) That weekend our kissing REALLY started getting better, and we kissed as often as possible. My sister didn't enjoy the love-fest, and ended up throwing a blanket over our heads. (All the more to kiss under, my dear...)
After that weekend, we began our plans for the wedding. Initially I thought October was a good month to get married, and then I talked to my best friend growing up. Imagine my surprise when I found out that SHE was engaged as well. They were going to be married in August, and after talking with her I thought August was a good month to get married, then we could both attend the other's wedding. HOW FUN!
Plans kept moving along, Steve and I figured that he needed to move closer to where we were going to live after we got married, so he moved into my parents' basement. I lived upstairs, but NOTHING ever EVER happened. My siblings were always around, and even when they weren't we were good. I didn't want to jeopardize marriage in the temple for a moment of pleasure. Steve felt the same, and I have to say, there were many nights when we'd have to say, "Okay, that's enough....good night." And then leave the room.
During this time, things got rough. Wedding plans were coming along, but my grandma, who'd been diagnosed with cancer the year before was going downhill quickly. AND Steve's mom, who when I first met her never said much TO me, but mostly talked about herself and the kind of life SHE'D lived, was accusing us of being inappropriate. According to her, I was pregnant and we were lying to our bishop. She'd talked to a bishop friend of hers (not HER bishop or OUR bishop, but a bishop she knew) and told him our situation (according to her.) She told us that this bishop told her flat out that he would NOT give us a temple recommend because we were unworthy.
Anytime Steve would call his mom he would end up pacing the floor in frustration. Then once he got off the phone with her, I'd break down in tears. It just felt like this woman did not like me and was trying to do everything in her power to break us apart. It hurt. How could the mother of the man I love ACT that way?
We continued to go along, until the end of July....then I realized, the wedding date would NOT work, and I absolutely HAD to change it. Grandma would NOT make it to the temple for my wedding, and I was devastated.

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