Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love Story, Part 3

Summer 1998:
I worked, a lot, and tried not to be depressed about my situation. I found that I was enjoying hanging out with the young single adults in my stake. We took a day trip to a local reservoir and I bonded with a few people.
At one of the activities, a friend of mine told me that she REALLY wanted to set me up on a date with her boyfriend's friend. She told me that he was tall, blond, that he was going to be going to ISU and he wanted to be a PE teacher. I was nervous to meet him, but very excited at the same time.
One evening, Sandy (my friend) called me to say that the guy, Cody, wanted to do something that night, and would I be interested.
ARE YOU KIDDING!? A bored college co-ed with nothing to do? COME ON!
That evening I met Cody, and he was NOTHING like I had expected. He was an over-weight short guy with a high-pitched voice. He seemed nice, but he wasn't what I had imagined at all.
We went for a walk that night, and despite keeping my hands available, Cody wouldn't hold my hand. I was giving off lots of hints that I was willing to hold his hand, but he just did NOT get any of the clues.
I found that Cody was a nice guy, not one I was completely comfortable with, but a nice guy. I wondered if I would be happy with him. I figured that it wouldn't hurt to at least date him.
I could go on about my dating experience with Cody, but I will summarize it this way: he was someone who kept me busy when I had nothing better to do. I thought it was love, I really did, but I knew that I would never be happy with him. I wanted him to be happy, and I knew that would not be with me.

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