Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter and Conference Memories

The boys were pretty pleased with our Easter. They woke up to find a note from the Easter Bunny telling them that the baskets were in my bedroom for safe keeping. They weren't particularly impressed with the "edible" grass. (I wasn't's ALL over my living room floor.) BUT they both LOVED their clucking Cadburry Bunnies.
We planned to have a fun Easter egg hunt after the first session of Conference, but the message didn't get around fast enough, so we rescheduled for after the second session. It has been QUITE chilly here lately (all of Cameron's spring break was over-cast and just COLD!) and there was still some snow outside. (Not a lot, but just enough to cause problems.) Steve and I went out to "hide" the eggs (literally just throwing them on the ground and possibly HIDING a few) and I took one step on the pile of snow and slid side-ways crashing on the ground. I was hurt, and cold, but I was fine. Steve asked me if I was okay, and I slowly sat up, leaving the egg that HAD been in my hand on the snow with finger holes around it. He said to leave it and I did. When Cam went out to get the eggs, he asked why that one was RIGHT there. (*giggle*)
The boys had fun gathering up the eggs, there were 50 or 60 and just my two boys. After that, we sat and talked with family.
Earlier, Jake had spilled chips on the floor, and I told him to grab his broom and clean it up, he went to work scattering the mess all over the WHOLE kitchen instead of the previously contained area. He does make a mess well. I guess he's talented that way.
For Conference I'd made treats and set up a tent for the boys to watch the TV in. They enjoyed it for about 5 minutes, then they were done. Plus, the tent's pole was bent and just made things worse. The treats didn't survive until the first session either. Cameron had gotten up early and ate the middle of the brownies. It was sad for him, he didn't get ANY more brownies.
Conference was fantastic though. (What I saw of it. WHY do I always fall asleep in that second, afternoon, session??) I felt edified and very happy.
I also got some great deals at Lady's Night at Deseret Book. I'm very excited to read "How to Hug a Porcupine," and "Raising Your Strong Willed Child." Both look like they'll contain things that I really need to help improve my skills.
Overall, it's been a busy, but fun weekend. I love it when Conference and Easter fall on the same weekend, it just seems like that's how it should ALWAYS be.


Rebekah said...

Cute photos! I'm excited for when I can buy eggs for Jonathan. We did a few little hunts with family, but I want to do my own. =) You'll love both those books. "porcupine" is pretty intense- get ready to learn some nasty things about yourself, it's a real huge eye-opener. "Strong-willed is a bit like that, too. Glad you had a yummy Easter!

Elena said...

Mmmmmm.....that fruit pizza looks YUMMY! I haven't had that in a long time. And I agree...Conference should ALWAYS be on Easter.