Thursday, March 18, 2010

When You Don't Have, Make Do

I may have mentioned Jacob's new favorite TV show before, but every day he BEGS to watch the Fresh Beat Band. He loves the singing and tries to sing along, but he's picked up something else from that show, something I never thought he would....the love of the drums. He REALLY loves the drums. Did I say "REALLY!?" Because he REALLY does!
For Christmas he and Cameron got a can of tinker toys. They love building things with them, but Jake has found a way to include his LOVE with those toys. He takes the long blue sticks and uses them as drumsticks. He beats on the lid of the tinker toys or on anything that even SLIGHTLY resembles something flat and drum-like, he beats it to death.
Today he had two blue tinker toy sticks and the lid to a bucket and was carrying them around. I asked him what he had and he put the lid on the floor, held up the sticks and said, "Dum-stick, Mama!"
Heaven help me! If it's noisy now, what's it going to be like when he's older and has more strength? And I'm going to HAVE to encourage his natural interest and buy him some drums....
Anyone have any earplugs?

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Rebekah said...

There's this great invention called a drum pad. You can buy it and it has the same material that's on the top of a real drum set put on a dampener surface and use it with real drumsticks. It's known as a practice pad. A lifesaver to those parents who actually have children who play a set, but can't afford one or be around one day after day after day. Perk up! It's a solution that's available at Chezbros!