Thursday, March 04, 2010

Talents Hidden, Even BURIED Can and WILL Surface

Long ago, in a land FAR away....
Okay, so when I was younger (MUCH younger) I had a few talents. I am not saying that I was a genius or anything, but I had some talents: singing, dancing, reading...
I can play the piano.
There, I've said it....are you happy!?
The reason I don't share this "talent" is because it's been a VERY long time since I've played, and even when I DO play, I have to practice and practice to get it to sound nice. I didn't really enjoy piano lessons. Mostly because I *had* to play the piano and my aunt, who I love, and who taught me lessons, would get angry because I didn't practice. I took lessons from the time I was 7ish until I was 12. At 12, I was done, and I think my mother was done fighting me on that issue.
Once I quit taking lessons, I LOVED to play the piano. (Isn't that funny?) I never got REALLY good, but I managed.
I was asked to play for church functions, but whenever I did, I'd mess up. Like the time I played "I am a Child of God" for a young women's activity. I thought it was a fairly easy song to play, so I didn't practice it like I should have, and messed up when the time came to play it for the activity. My friend, who LOVES to tease me, laughed really hard at me, and even harder when I tripped over someone sitting on the floor. It gave me a mental block on playing for church things.
Anyway, for years I played and thoroughly LOVED to play in the private of my home. (It relieved a LOT of stress for me.)
Then I got too busy to play, and life kept going at it's QUICK pace....
In college, one of my friends took a singing class, and had to sing a solo. She asked me to play for her. I agreed, and never found the time to practice. Her time came to sing and she sounded FABULOUS, but I botched the song. The teacher's critiques at the end were all for ME. (I was humiliated!)
I got older, and eventually married. I have no piano in my home (although I'd LOVE to have one) and so I rarely play. I've gotten pretty rusty, and don't like to let other people even KNOW that I can play the piano.
Fast forward a few last summer. I was at a women's retreat. At the end of the weekend, we were having a special "closing ceremonies" and the person in charge went around the WHOLE room (a large group of about 50 or 60 women) and asked for a volunteer to play a song. No one knew how.....except me. I practiced a little bit before we were to sing, and managed to stumble my way through the song, but I was embarrassed that I hadn't kept my talent going.
Fast forward yet again to this week. I was asked to substitute in Primary in a few weeks ON THE PIANO. (And I tried SO hard to NOT let people know I can play...) I am a SUCKER for people in need of a substitute, and generally say that I will do it. This one was difficult for me, but I said yes. Thankfully, she's giving me LOTS of time to practice, now I just need to actually DO it.
The lesson here, my friends: Talents WILL come be prepared!


Deb said...

Uh Oh, you're scaring me because I've successfully hidden my violin playing under a bushel for similar reasons! :) Good luck with your playing! I love the piano and wish I could play!
Debbie (MOF)

Deanna said...

You will do fabulous! Sorry - Lauri asked my but I felt like I needed to decline, as Tanner has been struggling and I need to be available for his teacher to come and get me. :) Again, you'll do GREAT! :)

Elena said...

Yep, you're gonna do great. We are always so grateful for the pianist. And if you're feeling really out of sorts, I'll switch ya and you can lead. No biggy.

Mattsmom said...

Have fun practicing! I wish I had even learned a little.

Kim said...

You will do great! I remember going over to your parents house and spending hours singing around the piano while you played. It's a talent that I wish my parents would have pushed on me instead of allowing me to take dance lessons for all those years.