Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Baby's Getting SO Big!

During lunch the other day, when I was half-way through my sandwich, and Jake was nearly done eating his "o-gut" he stopped and looked at me and said, "MAMA!! Prayer!"
I said, "Oh, you want to say a prayer?" He bobbed his head and instantly folded his arms.
So I quickly said a little prayer, then began eating the rest of my lunch.
A few seconds later, "MAMA!! Prayer!"
"Again? Do you want to say it this time?" He said a quick "YEAH!" and then he proceeded to bless things (I believe "Tameron" was blessed multiple times.)
After he was done, I began to eat again. Not long after that, "MAMA!! PRAYER!" (This was said with a HUGE grin.)
After a few more rounds of prayers, he gave up.
How cute is he though? Reminding ME to pray?


Jen, Sadie and We Miss Chris said...

That is adorable! You have taught him well.

Rebekah said...

How sweet! He loves his big brother so much! You're so blessed to have such a good little spirit in your family. I sure love your kids. Being able to keep up here with your family makes it feel like I haven't seen you in 12 years. <3

mattsmom said...

what a sweetie!