Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I Could NEVER Be Miss America

Well, aside from the OBVIOUS reasons (I'm not a "Miss" anymore, I don't have the beauty pageant looks, I'm WAY too old....) I realized that I could NEVER be Miss America.
Over the weekend, while watching the show (LOVE the show...it's just so fun to watch...) I was getting caught up in the excitement. Rooting for the one I felt most represented me. During the question and answer portion (which is a WHOPPING 30% of the total score, the announcers remind us...) I was fascinated with how the girls changed around any uncomfortable questions, and turned them back to, "If you make me Miss America, then I would...." I believe world peace was up for grabs....
One of the questions was SO odd to me, that it was THEN that I truly realized I could NOT be Miss America, who is full of grace and tact....
This year's questions came from the public. No doctored questions from high falutin' judges, the PEOPLE on the street, or the strip, as they were in Vegas asked the questions...
The question that got me? "The United States of America is the fore-runner among the countries of the world for donating money and resources to the victims of the Haiti earthquake. Do you think it's a good thing to be doing in this economy?"
*waiting for the stunned silence*
The contestant who had that question again, did the Miss America thing. She kept the answer "status quo" and didn't make waves.
My immediate thought, "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!? Why WOULDN'T our country give to those who are suffering and IN need. Just because you live in one of the richest countries in the world, you have a home and food, boo hoo, you have to use welfare, but hey, you HAVE welfare available to you....why CAN'T we help? You know, if you think they're ROLLING in the money and donations so much, why don't you go live there?!"
Yeah, see, I'd lose.

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Elena said...

But you'd be all over the news for best answer. LOL!