Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My boys make me laugh, and usually I forget what they've said and don't share, but I should share the few things they've said lately.
The other day I turned on Jake's favorite show. Yes, I let my 19 month old child watch TV.... Anyway, he usually calls out the name of it "Fesh Beat!" (It's called the Fresh Beat Band...cute show, even I can tolerate it!) Anyway, the other day I turned it on and asked him, "Jake, look what's on!?" He promptly responded "'NANA!" (They sing a song about bananas...even to the point of spelling it...he's OBVIOUSLY paying attention to their songs! If you go to that link, click on the Fresh Beat girl, then the song is #6.)
Jake has also gotten verbal in his demands for food. I got him a kids' meal from Wendy's the other day and the whole car ride he insisted on his "chips." When I told him that it was "french fries" he changed his tune and began chanting, "FENCH FIES!! FENCH FIES!!!" Oh, and if you really want to see cute, ask him what he's supposed to say when he wants something. You will get the HIGHEST pitched "PWEASE!" SO fast!
We have a new Wendy's restaurant in town. I happened to drive past it yesterday with Cameron in the car. The dang restaurant went up SO fast I didn't notice it was even THERE until last week sometime. So I pointed it out to Mr. Cameron. He said, "Mom, you know what?"
I asked, "No, what?"
"Just LOOKING at that Wendy's is making my tummy growl."
Good try, son, but you're NOT getting Wendy's!
And just for good measure, Cameron has gotten sneaky in his old age. A few weeks ago, he woke up early, and finding nothing better to do (since we hide all the goodies and hide the remote control and turn on a password on the computer...yeah, we make it HARD to entertain yourself before we're awake...) he took some random pictures of himself. I wondered why the new batteries in my camera were dead after 2 days. NOW I know. Funny boys!


Elena said...

We stopped by that miraculously appearing Wendy's the other day too. It DID go up fast! Jarom got the kids baby frosties and they were the cutest little things I've ever seen! I had no idea they came in such a tiny size.

And Jake is SO funny in nursery during singing time. He stands completely still and just takes it all in. His eyes hardly move from my face the whole time. It cracks me up!

ditndetes said...

Your boys are SO cute!