Wednesday, December 09, 2009

That's IT!! I QUIT!!

Being a mommy this week is SERIOUSLY trying my patience.
Today's adventure: going to the dentist, waiting for a phone call, and taking a nativity set to church.
Sounds easy enough, right?
Going to the dentist: Have I ever, EVER, mentioned Cameron's constant anxiety? He asks so many questions when he hears that he's going to a doctor of ANY sort. Thankfully, he has an amazing orthodontist who has worked VERY hard to calm some of his doctor/dentist related anxieties.
Today I checked the boy out of school, and off we went. Of course, the dentist appointment HAD to be in the middle of Cam's lunch, but his teacher was great and got him a styrofoam tray to take his lunch with us. On the way to the dentist's office, I told him to eat as quickly as he could, and thankfully, he was hungry enough that he ate the main part.
At the dentist's office I had paper after paper to sign, and of course, the machines that the secretaries work with ARE NOT working when I need them to. Cameron got called back by the hygienist before I could even get my name signed. He was a little anxious, but went back fine enough.
After all the new forms were signed, I went back to the room with Jake. Cam was in the process of getting x-rays, and wouldn't you know it, the BIG film is making him they have to do a smaller one. After 10 minutes, he's finished and we can come in and sit next to him. I do have to say, the cleaning went SO well. Cam only gagged a few times, and tears weren't shed.
Next part, trying to remove one loose tooth, and give the kid a shot to numb the main tooth that they need to give a "min-root canal" to. THAT did NOT happen. Instead, after wrestling with the boy for a while, they decided that it would be WAY easier to take care of it when he's the hospital. NIIIIIIIIICE!!
Going to the dentist: check....sorta.
Waiting for a phone call: So I got a letter telling me that I needed to call for an interview. Instead of having someone at the ready INSTANTLY when I call, they want me to leave my name and phone number. They will call me back "sometime today." If they can't get ahold of me the first time they will call ONCE more. If they get my voicemail, I will be instructed to call them back.
Okay, fine.
I call early in the morning, about a half hour after they opened up the phone lines. I leave my message and wait.
I manage to get the boys ready, send Cameron off to school, and even sneak in a haircut for the baby. All is well....until I decide to leave the phone out of reach and go upstairs to fix the new hair style.
They called...and I picked up the phone JUST as it flipped over to voicemail.
SO, I need to call them back. BUT it took them 2 hours to return the first call. I figured I'd call them after the trip to the dentist, since I knew I would be home.
The instant I walk in the door from returning from the dentist's office, I call and leave another message. Then I grab the phone, put it RIGHT next to me on the couch, and settle in for the wait.
I wait and wait....
I figure it's going to be a while, so I even call and cancel Cameron's therapy for this afternoon. I settle in and wait some more....
FOUR HOURS LATER, and in the middle of when Cam was SUPPOSED to be in therapy, I get the call. I listen to the guy talk, basically mumble a yes or no and then it was over 15 minutes after it started.
Waiting for the phone call: check.
Taking the Nativity set to the church: I volunteered to take my little nativity set to the church for a decoration for our ward party tomorrow night. They weren't going to start decorating until 6:30. It's already been a long day, I'm tired, the boys are grumpy and I would MUCH rather stay home, but I don't want to say I'll do something and then not do it....
I gather up my poor nativity set (that has been thrown and chipped and "loved" to death this year.....thanks, Jake....) and put it in a grocery bag, and turn around to get my coat and Jake's coat....
*shake shake shake....CRASH!*
Oh, NO......
Jake has just shaken the HECK out of my poor nativity set. The pieces went flying and my angel, who SHOULD fly well, since he has wings, is now separated from his wings.
I am SO tired, SO burned out, and SO tired of my stuff being ruined....I acted VERY VERY poorly.....
At this point, I was done. Done doing the things I am *supposed* to do. Done trying to be nice when I don't feel like it. Done being the mama. I am DONE!
I search the house for super glue (I KNOW I bought some, but do you THINK I could find it?) and decided that they don't NEED the angel, but my boys DO need to know that they are more important than my things. I calm down, gather things up, bundle up the boys and head out.
UGH! Not only that, but they're STANDING in front of THEIR garage to WATCH me try to get out. Are you kidding me?? SERIOUSLY!? Move your freakin' truck, before I go all Fried Green Tomatoes on it!! Nope, nothing.
I made a 50-point turn and manage to get out, while being watched by my inconsiderate neighbors....get the nativity set to the church. As I'm putting my poor offering on the stage for later, I pull out one of my wise men (Jake's favorites to play with....) and notice he's HAND-LESS! Are you kidding?? Really!??!
The members of the committee are grateful that I brought my set, and thank me over and over....then I grab the boys and leave for home.
I'm done. Bedtime can be early for tonight, right?
Taking the nativity set to the church: to round up the hand for my wise man and find my super glue.

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stevie kay said...

I'm sorry it was such a rough day. I'm secretly hoping I get your nativity table tomorrow night!