Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ever Wonder Where Your Life Went?

I have weeks where I feel like I'm going a million-bazillion miles an hour, then there are weeks that seem to DRAG by. This week is the light-year moving kind.
It all started with a, singular, chipmunk cheek. Cameron came home from church sporting a poofy left cheek. The last time his face got swollen like that was when he had an abscessed tooth. I knew that the next day would be spent calling and visiting the dentist.
Sure enough, after an x-ray (where I got to push the button, and was told I was a PRO) we decided that it was an infection and that a loose tooth and very large cavity was probably the culprit. He was immediately prescribed antibiotics and we have an appointment to get the teeth fixed tomorrow.
Today was crazier....I took my mom and uncle to the airport to greet my cousin who was coming home from his mission. When we got to the airport, we thought maybe his flight got in early. The flight board said it was modified to 11:55 instead of 12:25...so I was confused. Eventually someone came over the loud-speaker to inform us that their flight had been delayed and wouldn't arrive until 1:15. Well, I was hungry, so was my mom and grandpa (Grandpa came with my aunt....mommy to the missionary), so we went to lunch away from the airport.
We went back to the airport at 1:10 to find that the plane landed at 1:06! LIARS!! :P
So we left there and I went to drop off a family address list to my great aunt Pearl who is THE funniest lady I've EVER known. Love her....anyway, she HAD to give my mom a tour of her apartment, including the "museum room."
After that, I had to pick up some music for a funeral I'll be singing at on Saturday, then we were off to take my mom and uncle home. I was going to leave Jake with my mom because she spilled his chocolate milk on his coat and wanted to wash it. I also hoped that he *might* take a nap while I went to take Cameron to therapy. (Didn't happen, but it was a GOOD hope...)
I hurried back to the opposite side of town to get Cameron, to take him to speech. After dropping him off, I went to the boys' pediatrician to pick up some prescriptions for Cameron, then I was off to the pharmacy.
The pharmacy I usually go to did NOT have one of the meds, and wouldn't have it until next Thursday. WHAT good does that do me NOW!? I need those meds, our lives are chaos without THOSE meds....Fine, whatever. I grabbed the script and went to another pharmacy, and THANKFULLY they had it in stock, but it would take 25 minutes to fill. That was okay, by this time Cameron was finished with therapy, and I needed to pick him up. I quickly drove to the building, and sat down. BIG mistake, I instantly fell asleep. IN THE WAITING ROOM! (Thankfully, it wasn't a DEEP sleep, and my head-bobbing and hand un-clasping woke me up....several times....) Soon Cameron was ready to go, and we were off to pick UP the prescriptions.
By the time we had everything and headed back to get Jacob, it was 4:30. As soon as I walked in the door, my mom asked if I would pick up some things at my aunt's house and run one errand for her. *sigh* No biggie, she did errands for me ALL the time when I was growing up, it's only fair that I try to help her out when I can, right?
I went to my aunt's house, had a good chat with her (I LOVE my aunt....can I say that?) and hurried to drop off a check. As soon as that was done, it was 5:15, and I was POOPED!
I went back to get the boys, bundle them up, (because it was SO freakin' cold outside, did I mention that?? The whole day I think our high temperature was 13....MAYBE...) then head home to make a quick dinner of hot dogs, chips, and ravioli.
After dinner was over, we had to take Cameron to the church for scouts and I needed to put my visiting teaching numbers in the computer (the ONE thing I MUST do in a timely manner with this calling....report the numbers as soon as I can....) After I kicked one of the ward clerks off the computer (he was such a good sport about it too), I imputed the numbers, grabbed Jake and headed home. I was able to sit and do absolutely NOTHING of importance for 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of bliss.
Then I headed back to the church to grab Cameron and be DONE with the day.....but I couldn't find him. I looked in the room they usually meet in, and no one was there. I heard lots of loud noises in the gym, but it was the other ward's primary activity.....where WAS my Cameron?
I figured that maybe they did something different and I missed them dropping him off at home. (I was SO glad I left the front door unlocked....) so I headed home, HOPING to find Cameron. Jake was NOT happy to be leaving the church without his brother, he sobbed "Mammon!!! MAAAAAAMMMMMONNNN!!!!" I told him that Cameron was probably home, and we needed to check, that seemed to calm him down a little....
At home, no one was there. There were no calls from the leaders, and I began to worry.
Now, usually I don't worry about him. His leaders are WONDERFUL and usually keep me up to date with their activities, and if I forget or get busy they bring him home. Seriously, those ladies are AMAZING!! So I thought, 'Well, maybe they're back at the church. I'll go check.'
Back to the church I go, no one. No lights, no cars that I recognize.....nada.
I'm beginning to worry. How could this crazy day get worse? An over-tired mama, with a stinky baby in the backseat, missing her little "special" scout....and the over-active imagination.
I admit, I sat in my van and sobbed. I missed my "Mammon" too.
I prayed for peace, and soon I decided to go back to the church for one last check, then I'd wait at home. Every car I passed on the way I looked at closely. After checking out the church, I noticed a car that came from the church turning on my street. I followed quickly, and sure enough, it was his leader dropping him off.
The long day was finally over.....until tomorrow.
Really, why don't I get paid for doing this job?? It's SO hard and SO time-consuming! UGH! :P


Rebekah said...

I'm begininning to think owning my own car and not just a damily vehicle isn't the life I thought it would be...

CareBearMommy said...

wow. sounds like a hectic day. I hope tomorrow provides you a little more time to stop and BREATHE! :)

Deanna said...

Oh, Dawnyel, I am SOOOOOO, SOOOO, SOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!! We were down in the primary room when you probably came the first time....in fact, we were there after the first 10 minutes. We must have missed you. Oh, I am SOOOOO sorry! If you EVER need to, PLEASE call my cell phone. I ALWAYS have it on me. I should have called you, too. Please forgive me!!!!!!!!