Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Thankful November

How can I NOT be grateful to have this little boy in my life? After struggling to get pregnant for over 5 years, imagine my shock when I took the home pregnancy test and found out that I really WAS pregnant. At first, I quietly told Steve that he shouldn't get his hopes up, but that there were two lines. We both just smiled and thought about how amazing it was that we had gotten what we'd prayed for. (And then I spent the whole next week in prayer, THANKING Heavenly Father for blessing me.)
Jake truly brings joy into our home. I find myself constantly laughing at the little things he does. Like yesterday, he would take the empty trick-or-treat bucket, flip it upside-down and push it down on his head, rock on his rocking toy while "reading" a flyer we got in the mail. I just laughed at the visual, because I knew if I'd gone to get the camera to capture it, he'd stop.
He is so much fun to watch interact with my Cameron too. I don't know how they still get along with each other after they drive one another SO nuts. But whenever Jake sees Cameron after he's been gone to school there is much rejoicing. Both boys laugh and play for a few minutes before the arguing and bossiness comes out. Those few minutes of happiness and joy make me SO grateful to have this little boy. (Not that I don't love having him the rest of the time, but those few minutes are the times when I feel the blessing of having two children the easiest.)
It wasn't until I had Jacob that I truly understood how DIFFERENT Cameron was. Jake says SO much, even though most of it is hard to understand. He really understands US, and is such an obedient child. I love the fact that he picks up at LEAST a word a day. I love trying to figure out his little vocabulary.
Jake is a funny child, who knows it. He spends his days trying to make us laugh, and then feeling pride in his own little sense of accomplishment. He loves us all unconditionally, and we love him SO much. I am so lucky to have these little boys in my life!


doug & mary said...

He looks like such a cutie pie! I love babies!

Mattsmom said...

Love it! He is your miracle baby, and a huge blessing!