Monday, November 02, 2009

Thankful November

I'm getting an early start today....
He was my first baby. And he's still my baby, despite what he thinks.
Because of Cameron, I've had to do some pretty big growing up and changing my ideas of what having kids would be like.
I remember seeing him for the first time after he was born and thinking, "This little boy and I have a long way to go..." I instantly fell in love with him, and we've been together since, doing a lot of growing up together.
When I learned when he was almost a year old that he wasn't "normal," I never really thought that he couldn't ever BE normal. I always figured he was just a little behind and that eventually he'd catch up. I figured it was just a slight set-back.
Since then, I've learned that Cameron will probably never catch up to his peers. He will probably always be just a little behind. And in the last year or so, I've accepted that. I've learned that despite what he can and can't do on his own, he is my son, who I love dearly, and I need to just live with my new altered reality.
He's taught me to be a little more patient (even though I need to be a LOT more patient....) and continues to love is crazy mama despite MY set-backs.
I love having my Cameron in my life. I'm so glad that Steve and I followed the promptings of the Spirit early on in our marriage to have kids. He's been such a great blessing to us.


doug & mary said...

Cameron is such a fun guy! He really is so sweet!

Mattsmom said...

Reading this, I felt the spirit. Your words touched my soul. You are a good mom. LOVE YA!