Sunday, November 01, 2009

Thankful November

I'm not that good at reading other's blogs, but...I just barely read my friend, Mary's, blog and she had a FABULOUS idea. A thankful post everyday until Thanksgiving. I'm stealing that idea, because I need more gratitude in my life.
My husband
Today I'm grateful for a loving husband.
He puts up with my bad days better than I deserve. He works hard for my little family. He loves my family and has grown with me in the last 10 years.
We can read each others' minds most times, it makes me laugh. When I have some fun news about the boys, or something that is devastating to me, I am anxious to talk to him and tell him.
He's a great friend and makes me want to be a better me.
Love you, honey, and I'm SO grateful to have you in my life!


doug & mary said...

We need to keep eachother going...we can do it! I love your new family pictures! Where did you get them? So cute!!!

Dawnyel said...

Denee took them for us a month ago. We took them down by the river, on the coldest day of the month. LOL Thanks! :)