Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unknown Prayers Answered

I've been pretty humbled lately. I feel very grateful at the same time.
First off, I have THE best visiting teacher. Seriously, I LOVE this woman. Don't be jealous, but don't ask for her can't have her...she's MINE!!
She called me yesterday morning wondering if she could stop in and visit. Not a problem, I'd just be in my messy house, still in pajamas....She promised a quick visit.
When she showed up she came with a big bucket full of goodies. She talked with me, and we laughed and giggled. talking with her just makes me SO happy!! She is who she is and she doesn't change for anyone. I've decided that when I grow up I want to be like her.
Then today, was a busy, LONG day. I was going to see if I could start donating plasma so that I could add some extra money to our Christmas budget, but after a VERY frustrating day, I found out that I don't qualify, YET. I can't donate until I'm finished nursing Jake and once I get a paper signed by my doctor saying that he's monitoring my insulin resistance. I *might* be able to try again in December.
So I was feeling bad for myself, wiped out, tired....and I got a fun call from another lady in my ward. She wanted to know what apartment I was in because she was in front of my building and she had something for me. (I had just woken up from a short nap and wasn't really *aware* of what she'd said, or the fact that she "had something" for me.)
She rang the doorbell and I opened it to find a SWEET woman, (I know, most women are sweet, right...) handing me an exercise ball. Last month, we'd had a fun service auction for our middle of the week Relief Society meeting, and I had bid on her service of getting the winner an exercise ball and teaching them how to use it. I didn't win it, but she's so sweet, she got me AND another woman the same thing. She asked me when I could exercise, and I was so out of it (hello, I JUST woke up...*giggle*) I kinda said I'd talk to her later.
How kind and SWEET are the women of my ward? Honestly. I am SO humbled that I have these women thinking of me and helping me.

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Emilee said...

I want to be like these ladies when I grow up too! You are such a doll. Too easy to love, no wonder the ladies are swarming....Love ya cutie.