Saturday, September 05, 2009

New Trick...

On one of our long drives in the last 2 days I turned around, squinched up my face at Jake and suddenly a new game was started.
Jake has been squinching his face back, but ONLY to me....not when he has an audience.
I did manage to get a few pictures of the new trick, and some FUN ones too.
Jake's squishy face:
Cameron being a good big brother/backseat rider:
My happy boys:
On top of the FUNNESS that is driving a lot for 2 days...we have a funny to share.
On the way to our destination, I was handing out goodies for the boys to snack on. I had also stashed a fun bag of rubber snakes for the boys to play with. (Yes, the toy of choice....*giggle*) Anyway, I thought it was obvious that what I'd handed back was a TOY, but soon we heard Cameron say, "Ooh, spicy!"
Yes, he BIT the rubber toy and was TRYING to eat it. Thankfully, he couldn't quite get past the "spiciness" of the snake, and handed it back, asking instead for a piece of licorice.


Elena said...

So funny that he thought it was spicy! Yesterday I was cleaning and went into my laundry room to get something. I stepped on Carter's rubber snake and it freaked me out! I totally screamed. Stupid snake!

Rebekah said...

Jake looks so much like you! I'd have to say teh sqisgy face is definately a you-ism! XD

ditndetes said...

heebie jeebies here. I would freak out if I bit into one of those "things".