Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day Camping and a Few OTHER Things...

We did a LOT of traveling this year. Usually we just go to the campsite, one day-trip to Salmon, and then home...but this year was a little different. We went from camping, to visiting Steve's family, back to camping and then on a side-trip to Meadow Lake before going home. It was a LOT of travel in the car, but we had a VERY enjoyable time.
Our typical side-trip to Salmon provided us with these funny, blue, sunglasses. Jake thought he looked funny, and we did too.

We went to a baby blessing for Steve's "sister." They were pretty much raised as siblings and we thought it would be good for the boys to see their grandparents while we were there. We even *TRIED* to get pictures of all three of the grandsons. They're pretty cute, even if they aren't all smiling.

A few snap-shots of the view from the inside of my tent. It was pretty, and NICE weather. Look at those GORGEOUS mountains!! I LOVE this place. I truly felt closer to God. (On the last night there I spent over an hour praying to Heavenly Father and telling him how GRATEFUL I was for everything in my life...how truly blessed I am! I don't think I've ever felt as close to my Heavenly Father as I do when I'm camping in his beautiful wilderness.)Steve's first visit to Meadow Lake. The lake is basically snow-melt...it's GORGEOUS, clear, blue, but FREEZING! As a quick funny, while we were there (on our way HOME from camping...) we saw my aunt, grandpa and cousins on their day-trip. What a fun place! Someday maybe we'll stay there longer than an hour or so. It could be a fun place to CAMP. (Although, being there at the end of summer, there was still a patch of snow. Still pretty...)
On the road down from Meadow lake I was FASCINATED by the view. We're nearly at the top of the mountain, and the valley just spread out in front of us. I HAD to share the view!
What a fun weekend!!


Rebekah said...

**sigh** I've been homesick all evening, but this really did me in. Oh how I miss the summer campouts and the majestic Idaho mountains all the while camping in a tent and food cooked on Dad's propane sove on the tagegate of the old truck. **sigh again**

Tiffany said...

Meadow Lake!!! I love to camp there. You are right about frezzing, we went camping there once in mid July and it snowed on us!! We had a campfire going all day just to stay warm!

cressfamily said...

How Fun!! We were suprised to see you up there too. Maybe next year we'll have to plan it.