Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Was the Year...

...that Cameron finally asked us about September 11th.
Since he was only a baby when it happened, I haven't really talked much about it to him. I figured he'd ask when he was ready.
Yesterday I was stuck holding a whiny, sick baby, so I was watching History Channel's shows that were about 9/11. They were fascinating and brought back so many of those memories. Anyway, last night we were watching a show called 102 minutes that changed history (actual footage taken from people ON that day...) and he began asking about it.
He seemed to handle it pretty well. He was a little upset that people died, but really, for Cameron, he handled it well.
It gives me hope for those OTHER big talks that I need to have with the boy. He CAN talk about serious things and be respectful.
It was the end of the age of innocence for us though.

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Rebekah said...

Kids, they grow up so fast... *sigh*