Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Family Time

This last weekend we've seen quite a few family members we don't normally see. It's been SO much fun to hang out and talk with them.
Last night was a final hurrah with some of my family members that came for a visit. My Uncle Scott and Aunt Jana are heading back to Minnesota tonight. (I'm really glad my Uncle Kent and Aunt Tanya are staying for a few more days before heading back to Arizona.) It was so much fun. My cousins have just GROWN up so much!! I love how they were very concerned about my kids and kept them happy and entertained while I was off talking with my aunts and uncles.
Today we had another fun family visit....Steve's Uncle David and Aunt Marilyn came for a visit. They came QUITE a way to see the family though....they live in England. I loved just listening to Aunt Marilyn's accent. :) And I loved noticing how Uncle David is SO much like his sisters (well, the two I've met...) The only bummer was the fact that we only had an hour with them. Someday we hope to visit them at THEIR home!
All in all, it's been a wonderful and FULL weekend! :)

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