Saturday, July 04, 2009

Snapshots of a Fourth Of July Holiday

Yes, we went to a parade, had a picnic, and watched fireworks. It was fun...and only had a sippy-cup stolen. (Yeah, I think some thirsty toddler took biggie....)
Jake with Grandpa at the parade.
Family, you can't choose them, but you've GOT to love them! ;)
Cameron watching the cool cars with Grandpa.
Jake was just facinated by everything in the parade.
Waiting for the firework show to rain, but umbrellas are good for impromtu shade.
Cameron was playing you get a nice profile of his hat. :P
Jake thought it was FUN to sit on the big chairs like a big person.
Jake with Jonathan. Cute little cousins.
Jake fell asleep during the fireworks, but enjoyed the few he DID get to see. What a great holiday!

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The Cook Clan said...

It was fun alright!! Nice seeing the fam the other night!!!!