Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Plan

After talking with the boys' doctor, we have decided that maybe Cam is not sleeping well because he's grumpy and is POSSIBLY having a sugar low. I've noticed during the daytime that he's pale and grumpy if he doesn't eat constantly. The doctor told me that kids can't regulate their sugars the same way adults can. He recommends giving Cameron a bedtime snack for 3-5 days to see if that helps.
He also thinks that our nightmare of a bedtime may be helped if Cam takes a 5 mg ritalin before bedtime. He thinks that his brain may need the medication to help shut his brain down so that he CAN sleep. He recommends trying the ritalin for 3-5 days to see if IT helps.
These two solutions aren't to be tried at the same time because we wouldn't be able to tell which one works. He isn't even SURE that these suggestions will help, but I'm at my wits end and I'm willing to try anything.
This week we're going to try the bedtime snack. I even let Cameron pick out what he wanted.
I've had some other friends recommend detachable night lights or telling Cam that I will come in to check on him in so-many minutes.
Last night was NOT a fun experience, yet again, so tonight I'm anticipating more screaming and frustrations, but hopefully we'll be on a good track!


Jewelle said...

Good luck! Bedtime snack, good idea, I think I'll try it with Lily! She too is grumpy in the day if she isn't eating.

Rebekah said...

Good luck little mama!

stevie kay said...

Two of my little brothers take adderall and it keeps them up ALL NIGHT and all day. Of course, they're both older so they were able to figure out on their own that it was the medicine doing it. Is it possible one of Cam's medications could be messing with his sleep and then he just gets grumpier and grumpier because he can't fall asleep but his body still needs that rest?

Dawnyel said...

By the time he's ready for bed, his medication has worn off. That's why the doctor is suggesting ritalin at bedtime. He explained it to me like you're in a room full of tv's...all playing loudly and on different stations. It's loud and confusing. You're trying to pay attention to the television on the FAR side of the room, but you're distracted by all the other tv's. The ritalin is like a universal remote that turns most, if not all of the distractions off so concentration is better.
If he takes the med at night, which we'll be trying NEXT week, he may be able to concentrate enough on going to sleep. His brain would be functioning in such a way that he can rest.
When I asked the doctor about all this, he said, that these sleep problems may not be related to the medication at may be something completely different, but we're willing to try all different options.

cressfamily said...

Good Luck. I'm so sorry to hear about all the trouble with sleep. Hopefully something will work. If you need a nap the boys are welcome to come for a play date at our house.