Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mother's Curse?

When I was growing up, it wasn't uncommon to hear my mom say, "Someday, I hope you have a kid that treats you EXACTLY the way you treat me!" (Usually, it was after I'd said something HORRIBLE to her, like, "I HAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEE YOU!!!!!!!" Yeah, I was a HUGE brat!!)
I always figured the mother's curse was just something to say to kids like a scare-tactic. Never would REALLY happen.
Cameron has covered MY mother's curse (He has said "I hate you" to me MANY times, and thankfully, I'm not as soft as my sweet mom was. I know he doesn't mean it....just as I'm sure SHE knew I never hated her...)
We have another curse coming into play here: STEVE'S mother's curse.
Thankfully, I've had two children, which means that my kids will each fulfill their destiny with our curses. Jake has inherited his father's curse. He throws tantrums.
WHY do I get to deal with HIS curse??
Let's ask the man himself, "Steve, why do I have to put up with YOUR curse?? What did I ever do to your mother??"
His response: "You married me."
Thanks, love! *eye roll*
Tantrums are a constant thing now. If I put the boy down, he squawks and bends his body backward. If I pick him up when he's getting into something he shouldn't be, he bends his body backward yelling. If he's put in a play pen or crib or car seat against his will....a complete 180 degree turn.
I'm sure he'll grow out of these tantrums SOMEDAY, but for now, I'm cursing the mother's curse.....and PROMISING my future daughters-in-law, I WILL NOT curse my sons. I don't want YOU to suffer...just them! ;)


Jewelle said...

I hear ya! I got the "do permanent damage to the boob from biting". Sad thing is BOTH of my kids have done that to me. Grrr! Thanks mom! Sorry about the tantrums, they are no fun. Just don't accidentally drop him, k? Been there down that. Those kids can just fly out of your hands when the arch their back like that.

Mattsmom said...

SAD. That is no fun at all. How very kind of you not to curse your boys!

Deanna said...

But he was SO good in R.S. today! :) He's a darling.