Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Spending the Day in a Room with No Windows

Today was Cam's dental surgery day. UGH!
Last night I had PLANNED to keep the kid awake for as long as possible, hoping that he'd sleep in this morning and wouldn't think about not being able to eat or drink until his appointment at NOON! We'd rented a movie at the RedBox (first time....) on free Monday. (Such a cool thing!) Then we set up an inflatable mattress in our bedroom (in case the boy woke up earlier than I did, so I could hear him.) Then we attempted to watch the movie. Our dumb DVD/VCR that's upstairs!! I was ready to shoot the dang thing! It took us a half hour to load the movie. Even cleaning the thing didn't quite work.
Cameron and I stayed up watching "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium." (Cute movie, very kid-friendly!) We were awake until 12:30! I turned off the light and we were asleep.
I woke up around 6:30 to call the school and transportation to let them know that Cam was not going to need to be picked up, then I attempted to go back to sleep....did NOT happen.
Cameron woke up shortly after 7:00 (his usual waking time) and was UP! I told him that because he'd been up late the night before he REALLY could sleep in, but he said he was fine.
I did our usual morning things, and even snuck in my watching of Dancing With the Stars from Monday night. Then it was time to get ready to leave. I bathed the boys, and noticed Cam was SEVERELY pale. His eyes even got a slight pink tint around them. I worried that he may throw up, but he was just REALLY tired and pretty hungry. I let him lay in my bed while I got myself cleaned up.
When I was ready, I dragged Cam, who at this point was INSISTING he needed a nap, to the car and we were off.
Thankfully, my angel of a mother said she'd watch Jake for us, so we didn't have to try and entertain the baby as well as keeping Cameron calm. So Steve dropped Cam and I off at the facility and went to drop off the baby. (As well as pick up my book I was going to bring. I had set it out with Cam's DS, but the ONLY thing he was interested in bringing was his OWN stuff!)
We signed in, filled out papers and waited. Thankfully, this facility has little individual waiting rooms for the patients and family members. So Steve and I spent the majority of the day from around 11:00 until 3:30 in a little room with no windows.
Cam started getting anxious when the nurse came to get his vitals, which is his typical thing. I'd discussed with the nurse and anesthesiologist Cam's typical reaction to the anesthesia (nausea and vomiting...) and they assured me that they'd make sure he got the extra dose of the anti-nausea medication. Then came the time for him to go to surgery.
He cried....he whined....and finally he BEGGED for us to walk back with him. The sweet nurses made sure he was taken care of, and *tried* to alleviate his fears, but as the doors closed I could hear his cries. Poor kid!
I went back to the little room and snoozed on and off while Steve flipped through channels trying to keep entertained.
Several hours later the dentist came in telling us everything went well. Cam had come out of anesthesia fairly well, and was in recovery. Then he told us that he had to pull one of the boy's molars (no big surprise...the kid's ALWAYS having issues with his teeth...) I asked if the tooth had been loose, and the dentist said it hadn't, but according to the x-rays there was an abscess underneath and he treated the infection. He had even put in a little stitch, but didn't have to numb his mouth, so whenever he was ready to eat, he could. (Which was nice, because we'd bribed him with a trip to Wendy's if he was good.)
A while later, probably at LEAST a half hour, they wheeled my grump back into the room. We tried and tried to get the boy to drink something, but the apple juice they'd provided did NOT taste good. (Both Cam and Steve agreed on THAT point.) So we asked for some soda. He took that a little better. Eventually, the nurse said he could change back into his clothes, and she'd check back in on us. He sat up and said, "Whoa, I'm dizzy..." then he laid back and threatened to puke. I hurried to grab the emesis basin, and then ran out to get a washcloth. After calming him down, and placing a cool washcloth on his head, he seemed to settle back down.
Soon enough, we'd decided it was time to leave and try to nap somewhere else. He wasn't too terribly wobbly, and we were off to veg at Grandma's house.
Thankfully, Jake LOVES Grandma, and I was allowed a nice nap. (THANKS MOM!)
We also took the boy to Wendy's and he ate like he usually does.
I'm glad that's over. I hate it when he's put under with anesthesia, but I'm getting used to it.
Next: take the kid back in to see the dentist for an additional cleaning. *sigh*

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Deanna said...

WHat an ordeal! Glad he came out of it okay. We just made peanut butter pine cone treats for 'the birds' at scouts. So biggie. Hope he gets to feeling better soon!