Monday, April 06, 2009

Wishful Thinking?

Twice in the last week I've had very summer-y dreams. Both of them took place at amusement parks.
In the first one, I went with my family to our favorite park. (Just a few hours away...and SOOO much fun!) While we were there, I HAD to go on my favorite loopy-loop roller-coaster. I got in (and for some reason, none of my family was with me on the ride.) and we took off. As the ride started, everything was fine. We went through the first loop and then the ride broke down and we were stuck at the bottom (not upside-down *phew*) of the second loop. For some reason the people running the ride wouldn't let us get off. It was a LONG dream, but that's all I remember of it.
Then last night, I had another amusement park-y dream. In THIS one I was with my family (again) at a different place. I don't even think it exists... We were at someone's house, I think. ANYWAY, they had a maze of red water-slides. The slides would tangle around each other and you would race other families to get to the bottom fastest. They had cameras installed in each tube and if you weren't racing, you could watch each team's progress. I didn't go down the tube (I think I used Jake as my excuse) and watched as my family raced down the tube in a comfy couch. The couch was teal green and not really waterproof, or even MEANT to be in the tube, but it was there. And nicely enough, the tube was large enough for the couch and possibly 3 or 4 more couches to fit in it. You knew who won because at the end of the tube a sensor was set up with a cascading waterfall. It looked almost like the film a bubble makes on a wand before you blow a bubble. So as my family is racing down the tube, they realized half-way through that the couch was slowing them down, so they all jumped off (and the couch stayed IN the tube) and they finished...coming in 2nd, I think.
Anyway, all of these warmer weather dreams are getting to me. Happily I think it will be a warmer day today. No sign of snow so far. *knock on wood* I just think it's funny that my mind is taking me on summer vacation already! *giggle*
On a quick side-note, I LOVED Conference this last weekend. It was SO wonderful to hear from our leaders and get their support and happy words. (I fell asleep during one FULL dad thought Steve was snoring when it was me! :S) What I did hear was great, and very positive.
Have I mentioned how much I love hearing from a prophet on the Earth? He's such a wonderful man! :) And I whole-heartedly agree that the music in each session was BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so glad that during one session they sang one of MY favorites (and apparently one of President Monson's favorites) "Consider the Lillies."
*sigh* I'm a little sad it's over, but I can't wait to get my Ensign and read the messages again!
Poor Cam though, he did complain, quite loudly, that he would rather go to church because, "I love my class, mama!" ;)


Rebekah said...

You need to bring your little family out here and stay with us and go to Disneyland. We only live 20 minutes from the park!

Kim said...

I can imagine how long conference seems to a young kid. The teal couch dream made me smile. You always have had strange dreams. :)

Elena said...

You and your dreams! And the funny thing is, is that I can envision them perfectly in my own mind. Teal couches in water tubes, that makes sense. LOL!!