Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rumble, Rumble

This morning I woke up to quite a noise going on outside my front door. It sounded like Cameron's bus, and I was constantly checking to see if they'd come early, but it wasn't his bus.
Instead I found my landlord outside with his son pulling out the bushes that line our apartment complex. Those bushes have been known to house spiders and mice and all sorts of other icky things. I've always *hoped* that someday they would leave us, and that day is HERE! As I write they're outside improving the look of the front of our building. YAY!
Before pictures:
I took this picture a few weeks ago. Kinda glad I got it WITH the bushes in it.
Then this morning, the men chaining up the bush to pull it out.
Bye-bye, Mr. Bush.....
...Hello BROWN earth!


Jewelle said...

Lucky you! I am allergic to those things, and always wished our landlord would have pulled ours. As of the day we such luck! Hey maybe you could grow a small garden where the plants were. Tomatoes...peppers...peas...etc!

Deanna said...

Jewelle has a great idea! and you get the morning sun and afternoon shade!!!


Elena said...

Yep. I was going to ask if you were growing to grow a garden like your neighbor? Or maybe just pretty flowers. Fun to have a little patch of earth.