Friday, January 30, 2009

A Week Ago

Since I'm online so scarcely, I forget funny things that happen during my week. One of those funny events happened a week ago.
Last week we had QUITE the snowstorm. And no, the school district did not cancel school. Even though we only live down the street from Cameron's school, because of his special ed class, he gets to ride the bus....for which I'm SO grateful!!
Anyway, where our apartment is located there is a cross-street that comes into our road and leads directly to the's actually kind of annoying, but whatever. Usually the bus driver turns onto the road that comes into our street...which on a good day (when there's no snow on the road) it's a close call turning the corner. But with snow?? It's quite a feat. Especially when the tires can't get traction in the snow.
So back to last week. The bus driver probably figured that he could make the corner and began his turn. His tires pulled to the right....sliding the bus toward our apartment building. The driver tried again, and as I watched through my kitchen window I saw the bus slide and then suddenly stop. The bus slid into a parked car. (Thankfully NOT mine, but my *cough* "wonderful" neighbor's....)
The bus driver got out and looked, then I saw him get back in and call the district office.
I just KNEW Cam would be freaking out, I mean, he freaks out whenever we even REMOTELY get stuck....but he wasn't. He was laughing and goofing off with one of his friends. I looked out the door and window quite often and they would wave and *hide* from me.
In the end, the bus stayed stuck for about 40 minutes, and a truck came to pull it out of the snow.
Since then, Cam informs me that his bus driver goes the long way....and is more careful! :D


Jewelle said...

He tried to make that corner?! What an...i'll be nice, but I bet you know what I am thinking :)

Kim said...

Okay, so I know that any stubborn person could have tried this but...what is it about guys?!? Glad to know Cam didn't freak out about getting stuck, but did the busdriver not take his smart pills that morning?