Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Child?

Lately we've been having behavior issues with Cameron again. His teacher asked us a few days whether he'd taken his meds, and he had. (I haven't let him NOT take them since the one day over Christmas break....he SO needs them!) Because of the issues, I'd called our doctor and got his prescription raised. It was kind of an awkward time, because I had JUST refilled the prescription. Seriously, my timing COULD have been better!
Anyway, he's been on this medication for over a month now, and I JUST barely checked out the side effects online. Guess what one of the side effects is? Irritability. UGH! Tell me NOW!
Yesterday the boy was ON one. He yelled at me, whined, cried and stormed to his bedroom, slamming his bedroom door and REFUSING to go to school. All this BEFORE his bus even arrived to pick him up. I was at my wits end. (I have to say that I'm SO glad I don't home school the boy....I would go nuts!)
When I picked him up from school yesterday, his teacher asked him to tell me how his day went. I was prepared for the worst. He said it was a good day and she agreed with him. *SHOCK* After the morning I went through, I was amazed. Then when he was at therapy, he was great!
When I was growing up, I also had HUGE tantrums that I only had at home. When I relayed this story of Cameron's bad day to my mom, she just laughed. LAUGHED!! I did these kinds of things to her ALL the time. I guess my curse is manifesting itself...
I am GLAD he saves his blow up moments for me at home, but at the same time I wish he NEVER had those blow up moments. *sigh* I have to remind myself I DID ask for this!


Mattsmom said...

BWAHAHAHA! I can't help but laugh about the curse.

I hope I get the curse...'cause I was an angel! I wasn't. Nevermind!

Good luck!

cressfamily said...

I know what you mean. ryan is worse then the girls... With having blow ups with me anyways. I feel your pain.