Friday, November 07, 2008

Alive? Maybe, but then again....

So this last week was an off week for us. Usually I'm at my mom's house (where I do my online-ing....) but she's had strep throat!! So we kept the boys at home, hoping that they DON'T get what Grandma has.
Then we had some family dramas pop up. It's sad, but I think we're surviving.
I just wish my husband would be happier. He's pretty upset because his mom hasn't answered his phone calls since we went to Arizona at the beginning of August!! She's told someone else in the family that she's not mad at us, but that she thinks WE'RE mad at HER! Wha'!? Um....I've had Steve call his mom every night this week, we've yet to hear from her. In fact, we had to learn yesterday of his aunt's passing from his brother!
I just don't get this immature behavior.....why?
Vent over....I hope...
And as an added bonus, here's the boy's Halloween picture. I hope to get a picture of Jake with his new teeth, but we're still waiting for one to pop out. (When that one comes, he'll have 4!!)


Mattsmom said...

I seriously love that popcorn costume. SO creative!

I also REALLY hope your Mom get to feeling better. And I REALLY REALLY hope that your family doesn't get it.

ADORABLE PIC in the post above too!

Anne/kq said...

How cute!

That's so awful about his mom not answering her phone. I hate the whole "I think he's mad at me so I'm not going to talk to him" thing, my sister does that sometimes...