Friday, October 03, 2008

Two Teeth

The other night Jake was SCREAMING. His little gums had blistered up and his teeth were about to pop out. (I was talking with my brother who's in the Philippines.) The next night, at 9:30 one little tooth made it's appearance. I was helping him out by rubbing his gums an hour later when I felt the OTHER one pop out. An HOUR later!! The poor kid now has two little teeth. You can't quite see them yet, but I can REALLY feel them! He likes to bite, and I've had to push his little face into my boob to get him to release his latch. If it hurts this bad now, what's it going to do when he gets those TOP teefies??
He's still pretty miserable. But I'm sure it's because he's had quite a traumatic week. (That, and I think he's still getting more teeth!)
Yup, that's my boy....two teeth before he turns 4 months old!!


Anne/kq said...

Awww, poor thing! Maggie is teething too and is taking it much worse than her sisters did. (Bridey was born with a tooth poking through! Learning to nurse was not fun for her! I did not enjoy it much either!)

At least for me, the time before they poke through hurts SO much more than when they finally come in. Once they do they stop using the breasts as teethers!

Deanna said...

poor little guy! Tanner got his first tooth a week after his first birthday...I suspect Taylor will follow suit!

good Luck!

Mattsmom said...

WOW! That must be dreadful on the both of you. Thankfully thus far I have no experience in the painful teething department. I discovered both of my kid's first teeth unexpectedly by feeling them. I sure hope the next teeth are easier on him.

Amy said...