Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life On Fast Forward

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was a newlywed with very few cares in the world besides spending time with my hunky hubby. Time's passage has changed some things though.
Now I'm a busy mom to two super cute, super busy little boys. They've been growing like little weeds and I'm always in awe. I swear it was just yesterday that Cam was a little baby in my arms, and now I can't keep him still to save my own life. He's constantly on the move. I swear that he's got either ADD or ADHD, but we've yet to get him tested. (I just looked into the testing aspect of it, and sheesh, it's a LONG stinkin' process....paperwork, waiting.....) He's in second grade and does all sorts of activities including his therapies. Who has TIME for sports or dance classes? Certainly not us!
And Jacob?? Well, he's a big kid, who, if he's not sleeping, is babbling up a storm. Sometimes he gets SUPER vocal and will scream out. He's even learned to "woobie" (what other people call raspberries or zberts.) I'm constantly looking at this little boy who used to snuggle his mommy and now is always looking around for some sort of entertainment. He still looks like a little baby, but is looking more and more like a little boy from day to day.
I know that I'm on the verge of hitting the next big decade mark, but at the same time I only feel like I'm 20 or 21 at the MOST. I remember thinking, when I was younger, that I didn't want time to move so slowly, I'd even pray that time would move quickly to the next week so I could do something fun. Days just dragged by at that time. Now I count most of my time in weeks. "Last week was (fill in the blank) and next week is (fill in the blank)."
Really, time's moving SO fast, I just wish I could pause time and thoroughly enjoy these moments....I do realize that when I'm feeling a little crazy and overwhelmed I will wish for these times again. I just need to find the little happy times and savor them for the few nano-seconds that I have.


Kim said...

I completely understand! I can't believe that we've just finished the first quarter of the school year this week. I can't believe we'll be 30 next year! Time flies too quickly!

Mattsmom said...

Time. Elusive. Fleeting.


Take advantage of it. It is the last time you will have it.

Easier said than done.

I hear ya woman!

Sketchy said...

Oi! I agree with you. My darling baby girl is 12 now. How can she be in Young Women's when I just graduated from there myself a couple of years ago?

The Cook Clan said...

Hey girly! Do you have access to my blog? It is private so email me if you need an invite. Hey does Michelle have her own blog yet? You work on her k? :)