Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy Cameron

Since Sunday, Cameron has been a nightmare!
On Sunday I had to spend his class time in his class, sitting between him and his friend. It didn't really help....or, at least I don't think it helped.
Then Wednesday when we got back from Salt Lake, he threw a MAJOR tantrum. He told me during the course of his fit that he "hated" me. Honestly, it hurt a little, but I know he was saying it to get to me.
Then yesterday, his first day back to school since going to Salt Lake, he was a terror. His teacher called us and asked us if he didn't take his meds (he's not ON any meds) or if we knew what was going on. I was SO frustrated with the kid I literally went into his bedroom and took away EVERY toy that he has. I told him that if he wants toys back, he has to earn them with appropriate behavior. Since the loss of his toys, he's been MUCH better.
We were at our wits end with him though, so today we had a meeting with his teacher to come up with some solutions to the problem. We've decided to make our expectations of him clear and specific. His teacher recommended working on one or two rules at a time. Let everything else go to pot, but work hard to get those two rules working for us. She also recommended getting him rewards for appropriate behavior and limiting "time outs" to when he's calmed down and ready to behave, not sticking to a time limit.
We'll work with these for a while, and hope they work. I'm also going to be calling his pediatrician this week and see if we can get the kid tested for ADHD. His geneticist said that kids with his form of NF1 usually have ADHD, and it couldn't hurt to get him tested. I'm pretty sure he's got it, I mean, Jake has a longer attention span than Cam! I just hope we can get these behavior things figured out soon!


CareBearMommy said...

What a little stinker! I'm glad you were able to sit down and meet with his teacher. I hope the plan you discussed will work effectively in helping to get Cam back on the right track. ((hugs)) to you!

Anne/kq said...

Oh, man, that is not fun. :(

You know, whether it's ADHD or not, there's something that might help. It's called biofeedback. One of my dad's friends is a pioneer in it. She has seen it do amazing things for kids even younger than him, all the way through adults. ADHD, behavior problems, or whatever can all be helped by it, as well as asthma and other physical problems. You might look into it; most insurance covers it.

Anonymous said...

So sorry he's being difficult. Maybe the whole new baby thing is really throwing him for a loop. I know when my 2nd was born, #1 loved him dearly until he was 5mo old then she went a little nuts for a bit.

Mattsmom said...

Sounds just lovely. I hope he cools off quick! For your sake if no one elses.

Sketchy said...

I think the whole plan is whenever you think you're starting to get things under control, or at least you are used to this level of lack of control, they change. New phase. New issues.

It's a plot I tell you!

PS: I think you are handling things the right way. Stick to it, he'll come back around.