Friday, July 25, 2008

FFAF Answers

Amy said...
do you enjoy breastfeeding or do it b/c it's best for baby?
what is your favorite time of day with Jacob?
Is Cam adjusting better to being a big brother?
I LOVE breastfeeding. The reason I do it is because I heard of the amazing bonding that comes between mother and child when feeding. I never got the chance to do that with Cam, because he never knew how to suck properly. I felt like I'd missed out on being a "true mother" because with Cam I had a c-section AND couldn't nurse him. I felt like I'd missed a HUGE part of becoming a mom. (Not that there's anything wrong with what I had done, but that's how I'd felt.)
So when I had Jake I'd determined that I was going to try as hard as I could to get him to nurse. Imagine my disappointment when one of his nurses informed me that he didn't know how to suck. I felt crushed! But I didn't give up. I'd consulted the lactation consultant and tried and tried and tried until he finally latched on and ate like a pro.
Honestly, breastfeeding is one of the best feelings I get from this child. The connection is amazing, and I don't have to get up and make bottles in the middle of the night....HECK, I don't have to worry about proper temperatures or ANYTHING like that. My milk is ALWAYS the proper temperature and mixture! ;)
I love it when after Jake's nursed he snuggles up to me and naps. (He's doing it now!) He's not usually too snugly with me (mostly because I smell like dinner....) so once he's fed and sleepy he'll cuddle up to me and I just LOVE it!
Cam absolutely LOVES being a big brother, although he does feel like he doesn't get enough holding time. He's constantly reminding me that he didn't get to hold Jacob. My problem with him holding the baby is that he doesn't know how to control the baby yet, and both of them will end up in all sorts of odd positions. I just worry that he will hurt Jake, although I know it's something that he needs to learn, I want him to learn when I'm right there the whole time.
Deanna said...
What kind of sling do you have - and do you like it?
Uh, I hate to admit this, but I'm just borrowing this sling. I don't know what kind of sling it is. I know it's got 2 rings that I can use to adjust the tension and it's padded, but that's all I know.
It's actually taken both of us a while to get used to the sling. I think that the more we use it, the better it will be. (Jake is snuggled into the sling right now while I type.) I just need to get him in the position that HE likes. Laying in the nursing position (what I like to call, "assuming the position") is NOT his favorite. He actually likes to be up and down, kinda smooshed between my boobs! :P But yeah, I do like it. I'm sure that once we get better used to it that I'll even be able to manage cleaning my house while wearing the sling! ;)
onescrappygal said...
Have you started your christmas shopping yet? Am I the only one that's almost done?
WHAT?! Are you serious!? I haven't even THOUGHT about Christmas (except for the savings we have put aside FOR Christmas....) I still have a birthday and anniversary in between now and then! Once I get THOSE out of the way, THEN I can think about Christmas!
As for being almost done....:P
Elena said...
WHat's something you want to be remembered for after?
I want to be remembered as a good mom. Whether it's going to happen or not is highly questionable, but I do try! :)

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